Commercial Grade Wood Flooring and Refinishing

We understand the unique needs of commercial flooring. You have requirements for your floors that a residential installation doesn’t.

If you’re remodeling your commercial space, you’ve got unique challenges too.

  • A limited budget,
  • Scheduling issues,
  • Other subcontractors to coordinate with,
  • Customer traffic routing, if you’re staying open during remodeling,
  • A limited window of time to finish your project and get back to business.

We understand all these challenges. We work with you so they don’t impact your business any more than they have to. We’ll get you back to the business of running your business as quickly as possible.

And of course, you’re concerned about the mess generated with a wood floor installation. This can be particularly troublesome if you’re remodeling a retail store and have product on display. This is where our state of the art dust control system sets us apart. We control and eliminate virtually all of the dust that gets generated during the sanding process. This results in virtually no mess in the surrounding space.

For your project, you can choose from a full range of commercial grade wood and finishing products. We’ll help you select the ideal floor and finish for your particular installation. In addition to our solid wood products, you have the option of selecting Owens Plank Flooring, a commercial grade, engineered product that is site finished.

At Walk on Wood, we offer unique solutions to your commercial flooring needs.


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